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Bumper Ball IO

About Bumper Ball IO


Play Bumper Ball IO to enter the fiery match with many colorful balls. Your mission is to control your ball, thrust the others, and become the winner.

You will navigate the colorful ball in this game to push others out of the playing field. If you push another ball successfully, your size will increase. Therefore, you can push easily because you are bigger than others. In addition, you should be careful, your opponents are finding a way to eliminate you. They will threaten your life if they are big. So, you can run if you can not push them. Try to push as many other balls as possible. Moreover, join the lucky wheel to get more balls, or you can unlock them by completing all requested tasks. There are a lot of balls for you to select from, such as a Bomb, Tomato, Watermelon, Golf, Tennis, Flash, Football, etc. Try to defeat all your opponents in this game. If you like this thrilling game, you also play Smash Karts to compete with many others.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.

Some fantastic game modes in Bumper Ball IO

The classic levels game mode

In this mode, you can play classic levels with the ball controlled by the computer’s system. The number of balls will increase. The higher levels, the more balls you must push. Make an effort to grow your size and push all the balls on the playing field.

The Play With Friend game mode

You will participate in this mode with your friend. Each of you controls a ball and starts the game. To win, you must push your friend before your friend does. Good luck.

The Multiplayer game mode

Join this game with many others. They are your random opponents, and they come from everywhere. Like other modes' gameplay, you also push your rivals to fall into the water and become the last in the land.