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Car Crash Simulator

Some interesting things about Car Crash Simulator

Play Car Crash Simulator to enjoy an exciting driving game. In the game, you operate a car to explore several maps and practice for an actual crash test.

If you are a driving player, do not hesitate to play Car Crash Simulator. Driving a car across a variety of levels with dangerous slopes and flat terrain is the way you play in this 3D driving game. You will discover a lot of gold coins while exploring. Gather them for future use. On these stages, you can also put up a crash test, compete against people and smash their cars to pieces, or just watch cars crash from others. Moreover, you can also learn how to avoid collisions from this game. The game will provide you with wonderful experiences thanks to the 3D driving graphics and gameplay in driving simulators.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to navigate your car.