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Car Eats Car Evil Cars

About Car Eats Car Evil Cars

The playing rule

Car Eats Car Evil Cars is an ideal racing game for you. Control your car flexibly to be able to avoid obstacles and attack other opponents before they do.

If you are a big fan of driving games like Smash Karts, play this game now. The game takes you to a fantasy world where humans do not exist, instead, cars become living creatures. You will drive supercars with extraordinary fighting ability to win the challenging race. The game has a lot of vehicles for you to choose from. Some are quite rare, like Beetle, Harvester, Locomachine, and Tankominator. Choose the actual battle vehicle that suits you best to start the game.

It can be said that this is not an ordinary racing game because each car has its personality and outstanding features. Therefore, you can consider the strengths of each vehicle to get the best car and start participating in challenging races. You need to attack the opponent constantly. You will get rid of them if you try your best. In addition, the track will definitely not be smooth because there will be countless obstacles along the way. Dodge obstacles that could threaten your life and reach the finish line safely.

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD to play.

Use X to use turbo.

Use the Space bar to use a bomb.

Some challenges in Car Eats Car Evil Cars

Many challenging levels

There are countless levels for you to try. The higher the level, the more dangers you face. In addition, the enemy vehicles also become bigger than yours, and they are trying to destroy you. Be careful and come up with an effective strategy to protect yourself.

Some tips to overcome challenging levels

To win the game, you must upgrade your car. Firstly, you should click on the Armor section. There are three starts that symbolize three boost levels. You can defend effectively. Secondly, Turbo will help you to raise your power. Next, the Speed section has an increasing speed function. You will drive faster and outrun others. Finally, the Damage will boost your fighting ability.