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Car Smasher!

Some interesting facts about Car Smasher!

The gameplay

Welcome to Car Smasher! to conquer a violent race track with many stickmen. Make an effort to be one of the first to the finish line and eliminate the enemies.

This game is similar to Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race in which you must control the car with the stickman character to defeat others. To become the winner, you must drive faster than the others or eliminate all opponents. It is said that destroying your rivals is very easy because you need to drive in the same position as the opponent, then the ax will do the task of attacking them. You can eliminate an opponent or slow them down when you attack them. In addition, you also dodge the dangerous container if you do not want to lose your life. You also remember that the higher your rank, the more gold coins you can get. Use them to boost your health or your speed. There are 50 upgrade levels for each type. Upgrade to the highest level to give your car more advantages on the track.

How to control

Use the left mouse to play.

Some tactics to become the winner in Car Smasher!

Take advantage of the speed-up lines

On the race tracks, there are a lot of speed-up lines. They have the function of speeding up your car. You will go faster and pass other opponents easily. You should also pay attention, or you may lose control, leading to crashing into other opponents, reducing your speed, and hitting dangerous containers that will cost you your life.

Destroy all enemies

Let your ax work to its full power. You will easily get a high leaderboard rank and more bonuses. Sometimes, you can ignore them to speed up and avoid obstacles. Let's play the game to compete with others. Can you become the champion? Hope that these tips are beneficial for you.