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Christmas Tiles

Some information about Christmas Tiles

Some rules

Participate in Christmas Tiles to find out the best way to complete the game. You must click two or more matching tiles to clear them on the board.

On the board, there are many tiles with images related to Christmas, such as Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, a reindeer, and a sleigh. You must click on the places with similar tiles on the screen to make them disappear. You can clean them up horizontally or vertically if the same tiles are next to each other. However, a few more bricks will appear to replace the tiles that have disappeared. Or they may fall when the last tiles have been removed.

In addition, when the tiles drop or shrink, you will get more Magic Snowflakes. The Magic Snowflakes use it to destroy the tile when there are no more identical tiles to match. It is said that the game brings you hours of relaxation. You can win on the first try with the same simple gameplay as Fall Boys And Girls Running Multiplayer. You also invite your friends to compete. Good luck!!

How to play

Use the left mouse click.

Some tactics to become the winner in Christmas Tiles

Use the Magic Snowflakes

The function of magic snowflakes will assist you in clearing the board. You can use it when faced with no tiles to match. You should remember that the number of Magic Snowflakes is not much, so please consider this when using them. To increase your Magic Snowflakes, you should make the same tiles drop, or the scale of the tiles becomes small.

Use the hints

There are five hints for you. When you click the hints button, the tiles that are available to destroy will appear. Let's use them when you struggle.