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Coin Slope

Some things about Coin Slope

The rules

The journey of a gold coin is featured in Coin Slope. Control the coin to avoid falling off the track and colliding with obstacles, then you can pass the level.

A unique journey is waiting for you. In this game, your task is to help the coin complete its journey. The final destination that the coin tends to is the chest at the end of the track. However, before reaching the chest, you will face a lot of dangers. Firstly, the track is narrow and has many turns and bends. If you are not careful, you will fall into the void at any time. This is an unfortunate thing that you need to avoid. In addition, there are also a lot of blocks blocking your track. They can appear unexpectedly, making you unable to dodge them.

What's more complex, they can move to make it difficult for you to observe the track. Maybe, you easily crash into them quickly when you are struggling. So you need careful observation and quick reaction skills to complete the level.

How to control

Use WASD to move.

The Spacebar to start/restart.

Some tricks to reach the chest successfully in Coin Slope

Navigate the coin quickly

Like Astrodud, you must overcome many challenges in this game. So, here are some tips for you. When facing many dangerous turns, you must change the direction of the coin's movement immediately. You will avoid falling off the track. In addition, you also need to dodge blocks in time so as not to lose your life.

Run in the mid of the track

You should not go too close to the edge of the track unless you want to fall. Staying in the middle of the track is the right decision to make sure you stay safe and complete the level.