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Cookie Clicker City

Some facts about Cookie Clicker City

You can build your city on the new island by joining Cookie Clicker City. You have to constantly click the cookie on the screen to accumulate many cookies.

This game is a variant of Cookie Clicker. In this game, you will start with the empty island in which you must collect as many cookies as possible to construct the buildings. Your mission is simple. Let's click the large cookie on the screen, and new cookies appear with each click. Buildings will be purchased, sold, built, and upgraded by using cookies. As a result, new cookies will be produced on their own.

You will build new structures on this island. Let's take it from ancient times to modern times. The game features a total of 5 distinct development phases. In addition, you can add up to 18 buildings to your city to increase manufacturing efficiency. Approximately 600 upgrades and 700 milestones are waiting for you to complete. What's more, there are a lot of intriguing things that have yet to be discovered. So, let's participate in the game to explore them. After playing all, you can try playing LOLBeans to relax.

How to control

Click the left mouse to collect cookies.

Some traits of Cookie Clicker City

  • Click on the house icon to buy the buildings you want. In this section, you can purchase a Cursor to auto-click the cookie. As a result, although you do not click, you still collect many cookies. In addition, you can select Grandmother to help you create many cookies or buy the farm, etc.
  • Click on the arrow icon to upgrade, such as Carpal tunnel prevention cream, Forward from grandma, Ambidextrous, Cheap hoes, etc.
  • Click on the cup icon to admire your city's achievements. Try your best to get a number of medals and outstanding achievements.
  • Click on the wheel icon to set up the game according to your wishes.