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Some facts about Cuphead

The rules

Welcome to Cuphead with extremely attractive gameplay. You will control the cartoon character to collect the coin and reach the exit to pass the level.

Like Fall Beans: Ultimate Knockout, you must overcome a lot of challenges to advance to the following levels. In this game, your character is placed in an enclosed space. High walls surround the character. To escape, you must make the exit gate appear. Remember that the exit portal only shows up when you collect a coin. This coin is always in locations that are difficult to collect. But you must touch it to get to the exit or be stuck here forever.

In addition, your character is also limited because tight space confines it. Your character will automatically run left or right. Be careful to avoid hitting the spikes. Let's help it to jump on the platforms to collect coins and reach the exit by clicking the left mouse button.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Some outstanding features of Cuphead

Various levels with increasing difficulty

In this game, you will conquer many levels. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually through each level. You will have to jump over more platforms to collect the gold coin. Or you will face spikes with long lengths, making your character lose his life at any time. Try your best to overcome as many levels as possible.

The graphics and sound

Sounds are also a highlight of the game, as you will hear familiar music from classic cartoons. The game's fun soundtrack keeps things upbeat and lively even though you are being treated mercilessly.

The game perfectly balances graphic simplicity, gameplay difficulty, and audiovisual style for a highly unique and interesting game. This is the work of creative developers, allowing players to practice discipline, patience, and endurance by learning how to overcome the most difficult bosses. At the same time, the cartoon graphics with each character is a personality that keeps you entertained for many hours.