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Curve Ball 3D

Some unique things about Curve Ball 3D

The game rules

Curve Ball 3D is a fun game that simulates tennis. You will use your racket to hit the ball and try not to let your opponent's ball reach your net.

The game's goal is to hit the ball past your opponent's side by using the racket to hit it down. Before hitting the ball, move your racket to create spin to your stroke! However, take care because it will also rotate in your direction. In order to win a game and move on to the next level, you must score three times. You only have five lives left to win the competition, though. Every level ups the difficulty of your adversary. Can you defeat your opponent and become the champion?

In addition, the game gives you a sense of thrill and realism when playing. The ball bounces unpredictably. You will have difficulty predicting the direction of the ball. The ball will get bigger when it comes to you and will get smaller when it comes to your opponent. Can you keep up with this game and conquer it completely? You also play after finishing this game.

How to control

Click the left mouse to launch the ball.

Move your mouse to move the racket.

Some features of the game

  • Eye-catching graphics with lively, fun sounds.
  • They are cute characters and easy to control.
  • Diverse obstacle chapters.
  • The farther you go, the more dangers and obstacles you will face.

Some tips to win in Curve Ball 3D

Concentrate while playing

As you know, the ball can bounce in all directions, so you must focus on the screen to follow the ball's movement. You have to ensure you do not get distracted and interrupt the game. It will be harder for you to beat your opponent if you actually lose any goals. Negligence will be an inevitable cause of your loss.

Get learn from your mistake

Every failure leaves you with a great lesson. you will probably have more experience to complete the next levels. Moreover, if you also want to play another game that can help you practice more, you can play Fall Race Season 2. Good luck!