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Dash Rocket

Some nice information about Dash Rocket

The game rules

Play Dash Rocket to discover the galaxy with a colorful rocket. Your mission is to help the rocket avoid colliding with barriers and fly as far as possible.

Become one of the game's loyal players to join a new and exciting journey that awaits you. You will be a great astronaut when controlling rockets in the vast galaxy. To start exploring, press the Pause button. This endless journey will give you some pleasant surprises.

In this game, you will control the rocket character. It is a cute little rocket. Your rocket will face countless dangers. You can explode at any time if you are not paying attention. Do not be careless if you do not want to end the game. Your task is to avoid obstacles in the galaxy. They can be sharp shurikens or scattered minor planets. When you collide with them, you will explode. In addition, you also have to collect a lot of stars to increase points. Use arrow keys flexibly to help your rocket fly as far as possible.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to play.

Some features of the game

Like Fall Beans, this game has many outstanding features that can attract you to play.

  • Eye-catching graphics with lively, fun sounds.
  • Cute characters and easy to control.
  • Diverse obstacle chapters.
  • The farther you go, the more dangers and obstacles you will face.

Some tips to win in Dash Rocket

Define your smart strategy

To fly the longest distance, you must have a specific strategy. You can have clever plans to make sure your rocket completes its mission. Start slowly at the beginning of the game. Then, you can easily handle the rocket when the speed has increased.

Practice your skills

You may fail on the first try, but you will learn a lot. You will also gradually get used to the gameplay and control style. Try again and again until you master it.