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Deepest Sword

Some outstanding things about Deepest Sword

The rules

Deepest Sword brings a risky adventure with the Swordsman character. Control him to make the sword longer and kill a dragon by stabbing the sword in its heart.

You only need to get close to the dragon and stab it with your sword, but the first time, it is out of reach because your sword is too short. You will receive another longer sword when your blade misses the enormous dragon monster's heart. In addition, after getting burned by the dragon, the sword will level up and become longer. Play this game until your sword is long enough to destroy the dragon.

You must overcome five cycles. In this game, it is difficult for your hero to jump from one block to another because the blade gets too long or too short. To overcome this, you have to go around and use the keyboard and mouse to make the sword a powerful tool to overcome obstacles. Try not to get stuck and take much time.

This game has several interesting missions and is pretty thrilling. You can start afresh with a longer sword than before, so you won't be easily defeated. The game manipulations and actions of the characters are unique. If you want to enjoy this game, you can also play Smash Karts.

How to control

Press WASD keys to move

Click the left mouse and right mouse buttons to rotate the sword.

Some tactics to beat Deepest Sword

Use the sword to aid

In moving from block to block or crossing the bar step, the sword can become an object to help you overcome them. It will help you to bounce through them without too much effort. However, you need to align it properly, or you will get stuck there.

Align the sword to the correct position dragon's heart.

To make the sword pierce the dragon, you must climb on its back, and then it will wake up. Therefore, you must stab the sword before it attacks you. Try to complete the mission in the fastest time possible.