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Dino Grass Island

Some information about Dino Grass Island

The rules

Dino Grass Island brings an attractive journey with a stickman character. Collect as much grass as possible to exchange coins to unlock pets and new scenery.

Navigate the character which is similar to Stumble Guys Online, Stickman Party, and Fun Escape 3D to collect grass. Once you have collected a lot of grass, you can move on to more novel and unique scenes. Here you will have to work hard to make sure you can meet the requirements. The amount of grass you collect will help you open up larger areas. You will probably accumulate more grass here. You will then be able to exchange the grass for gold coins once you have unlocked the Coins Cabin. Use this money to unlock pets. The more pets you have, the more successful you are.

How to control Use the left mouse to control.

The next island in the following level

You must find out the eggs which contain the bosses. Then, your pet will defeat. After winning, you can advance to other exciting sceneries. You will no longer be bored when the game brings a lot of amusing grass islands. Discover all of them to earn coins.