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Dog Puzzle Story 2

Some exciting things about Dog Puzzle Story 2

The gameplay

Dog Puzzle Story 2 brings an attractive playing space with many cute items. Arrange requested items by creating a line with more than 3 of the same items.

Let's help the little dog Chalies in this game. A large grid on the screen with loads of items like dog pillows, food, balls, etc. You need to make the requested items disappear. When you meet the required number of items, you will win. Remember, these items can only disappear when you move their position right, left, up, or down, as long as you create a row. This line can be either vertical or horizontal, consisting of at least 3 identical items. You will get more tricks if more than 3 similar items are in a line. You will easily meet the requirements of the game.

The game helps you train your brain. You need to have a great strategy to complete the mission without getting stuck. In addition, if you complete this interesting task, you can move on to play Astrodud.

How to control

Use the left mouse to play.

Some tips to be ranked at the top

  • Create many lines with more than 3 items that are similar. As a result, you can get many points and make many requested items disappear. They can be mighty power-ups for you.
  • Focus on the requested items to win. You must ensure that you meet the requirement before increasing your points.
  • Disappear other items to wait for the required items to drop.

Some excellent features of Dog Puzzle Story 2

The limited moves

You will face terrible challenges in the game. Your moves are limited. You are forced to complete the mission without using all the moves. A smart strategy will help you to finish the game.

The challenging levels

There are many levels with increasing difficulty. The higher levels you play, the harder requirements you face. In addition, your moves will decrease. Can you overcome the challenging level? Let's try to complete the level and move to the following levels.