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Dream Life

Some things about Dream Life

The game rules

Play Dream Life to help Anna and her daughter get a better life. Your mission is to match the same objects to complete the target before the moves run out.

You will help Anna and her daughter Annie have a better new home. The old house she just moved into was terrible. It is old and the objects are unusable. You need to complete difficult levels to get stars. These stars will help your character exchange for better items such as new windows, new beds, new furniture, etc.

However, your task is not simple as you think. You must match the same object in the grid to meet the requirements. The target that you must complete will be shown in the left top corner of the screen. In the opposite corner, your moves will be indicated. To beat the level, you have to ensure the number of moves is still remaining.

You also use the hints to make the game easier. You need to arrange four objects of the same color in a straight line to form a rocket. To construct a bomb, arrange items of the same hue in an L shape. Besides, construct a missile by arranging four objects of the same color in a square. Finally, you may create a rainbow ball by placing five items in a row that are of the same hue. After completing all tasks, you can join Fall Beans to play.

How to control

Use the left mouse to control.

Some remarkable features of Dream Life

Many areas in the game

There are many areas in the game, which make Anna's life become better. You will begin with the Cabin in the wood. Then, you will advance to a Cozy home living home, a Cozy home kitchen, a Cozy bedroom, the Fun time Dollhouse, etc. How many areas can you unlock?

The store

When you accumulate a lot of coins, you can use them to exchange some hints, such as Rocket, Bomb, Rainbow ball, Hammer, and Unicorn. Take advantage of them to meet the target.