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Earn To Die

Some information about Earn To Die

The gameplay

An intense war between humans and zombies is happening in Earn To Die. You must act now to avoid being eaten by zombies and drive to a new safe land.

When joining the game, you will experience distinctive gameplay. There are many zombies around you, so you are the lone survivor. This is a reason why you must go far to find a new land where they do not emerge. Your task is to make your car travel as far as possible and gather a large number of bonuses. Let's combine a few keys flexibly. You can easily manage your car by pressing the W, A, S, D, or arrow keys. Hold down the W button or the up arrow to accelerate to the top speed. However, you shouldn't go overboard because it will simply cause your car to overturn and can take your time and gas. Furthermore, the more zombies you destroy, the more money you earn.

You also remember that you can overcome obstacles once fully upgraded. You can destroy barriers and clean zombies by upgrading wheels, boosters, and other items from the garage. But the car's speed will be significantly impacted by adding more accessories, which may impact how far you went on your most recent run. If you love the driving game, you also play Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race.

How to control

Use WASD to play.

Some outstanding features of Earn To Die

The garbage in the game

A better Engine provides higher fuel efficiency and quicker acceleration. Prioritize upgrading them sooner because both are excellent for quick long-distance trips. Next, increasing the Gearbox will enable you to travel at your top speed. The faster speed allows you to run for longer distances. Then, New wheels should be used for improved traction. Your speed will increase dramatically, and you can overcome many slopes. Although the slopes and hills are not a significant difficulty in the early levels, many hills in the latter make you trouble. So, let's change the wheels. In addition, you should purchase some weapons and shoot zombies. As a result, you can earn much more money. Finally, to go further, you can upgrade the Fuel Tank. You will receive an amount of money.

The graphics and sound

The game's graphics are vivid, colorful, and addictive. It keeps you immersed, and you will not be able to take your eyes off it. In addition, the funny sound makes the game more attractive. Join the game now to enjoy.