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Electron Dash

Some fantastic information about Electron Dash


Electron Dash is an amusing running game with the neon tube. The game requests you to navigate your character to run as far as possible and accumulate hearts.

An endless race tube is waiting for you in this game. You must control your astronauts and begin exploring this pipeline which is placed in space and can rotate so that you can run on any surface of the pipe. You will suffer a lot of challenges. Like Fall Beans, you can fall anytime because of the unstable tiles. Therefore, you have to avoid touching them. In addition, you may face laser beams which can kill you. Run away from them to protect yourself. Finally, on the tube, there are many big gaps, use the W key or Space bar to jump over them. You can combine two keys to overcome the traps.

Furthermore, collect as many hearts as possible on the tube to have more turns. You may play again or start at the starting point. If you want to run farthest, do not miss any hearts you see on the tube. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD keys to play.

Some tips for running as far as possible in Electron Dash

Use two keys simultaneously

You can use both the W key and the A or D key to control your character to jump up and turn to another side of the tube where there are solid tiles. Thanks to this simple tip, you can avoid unstable tiles and big holes.

Collect all hearts

You know the importance of the hearts, so you do not ignore any hearts. When you collect them, you will probably be able to recover even if you fall off the pipe. The hearts will have the task of helping you continue your race.