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F1 Racing

Some information about F1 Racing

The gameplay

F1 Racing brings an expected classic race in which you can entertain and express stress. You will customize your supercar and compete with others.

You will transform into a professional racer in this game. Are you ready to join this fierce race? The game will not disappoint you with its eye-catching graphics and vivid sound. You will experience real competition.

Like Smash Karts, your task in this game is to control your formula racing car to overcome countless other opponents to become the first to reach the finish line. To complete the task, you must speed up your formula racing car. In addition, on the track, there are a lot of hazardous terrains. They are blocked by many wooden boxes or unstable bridges. If you do not use any tactics, you may lose control or be overturned. Try your best to reach the finish line safely.

In addition, if you want to drive faster than your opponent, you must speed up constantly. Sometimes, you should press the spacebar button to increase your speed dramatically. However, remember that this tactic takes little time to recover. Therefore, you have to wait a little bit to use it.

How to control

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move.

Some features of F1 Racing

Customize the formula racing car

After becoming the winner, you can receive a lot of gold coins. You can use them to customize the car or boost it. Firstly, you can change some details of the car, such as colors and wheels. They will make the car more exciting. Your formula racing car becomes the most outstanding character on the race track. Therefore, you should accumulate as many coins as possible to change the colors and wheels. In addition, you can upgrade the car's speed and attack. They are necessary for your victory.

Purchase other cars

If you have enough coins, you can buy other unique cars. They are eye-catching and have powerful abilities. Choose them to reach the finish line as soon as possible. Good luck!