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Fairyland Merge & Magic

Some information about Fairyland Merge & Magic

The rules

Fairyland Merge & Magic offers a highly addictive arcade. You must harvest agricultural products and complete the task to find the other characters.

In this wonderland, you will transform into the fairy Violet. She has countless quests to complete. These quests will help her gradually unlock the charismatic prince and other fairy-tale characters.

Under the guidance and help of the Fairy Godmother, you will complete the task quickly. You have to collect a lot of agricultural products, which are used to produce cookies and generate gold coins. When you have made enough money, you can create big factories to be able to make more cakes. In addition, you will receive the task of collecting special items to complete the challenge such as a frog prince, Marshmallow, fairy tree, crown, etc.

Once you have completed the challenges, you will progress to higher levels. It allows you to scale up the wonderland. You will have to conquer more challenges. Good luck.

How to control

Use the left mouse to play.

Some traits of Fairyland Merge & Magic

Many challenging levels

In this game, you will face many tough levels which you must complete all to move to the following levels. The higher level you play, the more challenging mission you complete. The Fairy Godmother will give you instructions and advice so that you can complete the task quickly. However, you still need a smart strategy to be able to collect items and gold coins. Then, use them to unlock the prince character and countless others. It is clear that the scale of this wonderland also expands when you clear the agricultural products in the old areas. You must have 3 identical items to be able to collect them, making them merge into one.

Many people can join

Like Fall Boys And Girls Running Multiplayer, the game allows you to invite many others. You can participate in the game with many friends. Then, both of you will play and try to unlock the characters. The game helps you to strengthen relationships and entertain.