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Fall Guys Rocket Hero

Become a hero in the Fall of Guys Rocket Hero, you will control the character below to shoot enemies down. If you complete each challenge, you will receive coins.
A small character dressed in armour requires your assistance in defeating the various villains who will shoot you from towers of varying heights. A villain has arrived in the city and has taken up residence in the city's towers, from which he wishes to rule the world, but he lacks the appearance of a hero who, with your assistance, will eliminate all of these enemies!
The goal of the game is to control the rocket's direction in order to calculate the angle and thus eliminate the enemies located on the various tower heights. When you defeat an enemy, you can earn a lot of coins and use them to buy various amusing costumes.
You not only get points for shooting them, but also coins, and along the way, you can earn shields, different weapons, and upgrades to help you in battle.
If you miss your target, they shoot you back and kill you if you have no defences, forcing you to restart the course of enemies to shoot down.
Use the mouse to aim and shoot by calculating the angle.