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Fidget Spinner Scifi X Racer

Some interesting facts about Fidget Spinner Scifi X Racer

The rules

Fidget Spinner Scifi X Racer brings an engrossing discovery. Your goal in this game is to steer the spinner as far as possible while dodging obstacles.

In this game, you will assist the spinner in spinning as far as it can. Along the road, there are lots of challenges you will face. Tall poles are dispersed all across the route. They obstruct your vision and the path. You must be skillful to avoid having your spinner run into any barriers. In addition, there are a ton of moving parts as well. They raise the acuity of the game. Avoidance is now more challenging than ever. Additionally, the spinner's speed cannot be changed. It will move at an increasing rate of speed. Use the right and left arrow keys or the A and D keys to turn right and left. Let's try to run the longest distance and get many points. Along the way, you can possibly run into a lot of rings. Collect them to earn a high score, then trade them in for other, more fantastic, eye-catching spinners.

What's more, you shouldn't miss this game if you enjoy speed-based games like Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race.

How to control

Use the arrow keys or WASD to play.

Some tips to get the highest score in Fidget Spinner Scifi X Racer

Use your agile

You must be really agile to win this game. When you briefly squander an opportunity, you must stop the game. Be the participant with the highest score possible, and ensure that you are always willing to adjust the spinner.

Practice more times

After many failed attempts, you will learn a few lessons from your mistakes. Or you can also become more proficient at the game. Thanks to your efforts, you can easily go further in the following turns. Good luck!