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Find the Word

Introduce the rule of Find the Word

Don't be afraid to join the Find the Word game where you have to guess the words, look for the hint, and give the required word of the game.

Each time you play you will be guessed up to 8 times, this game will not give any hints. You have to find the hint yourself by guessing the words. You need to find a meaningful word to fill in the table and if the word contains the letters that appear in the required word and it is in the correct position it will be printed in blue. If a word is in the request word but it appears in the wrong place, it will be orange, and the word that does not appear in the request word will be gray. Since this game only gives you 8 guesses, you need to come up with strategies to be able to find the required word as quickly as possible. It is best when guessing to find the suggested word you should not choose the words that are already available to have as many hints as possible. After synthesizing the hints, you can come up with the correct word.

Play in 3 modes

This game will be divided into 3 game modes depending on the number of words in the word that you have to guess. The easiest mode is a 4-letter word group, You can easily find the meaningful words in this mode, but because there are a lot of 4-letter words, it is difficult for you to find the right answer. Next is guessing a 5-letter word, this mode is also quite easy when there are quite a few words and also gets more hints, which makes it easier for you to find the right answer. Finally guess the 6-letter word, this is a very difficult mode because you will have a hard time finding the 6-letter words and their meaning. In general, you must be able to reason and have a good vocabulary to be able to win this game.