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Flipsurf. IO

Some information about Flipsurf. IO


Flipsurf. IO gives you a novel surfing game with many other people. Control your stickman, create some surfing tricks to get many points, and be ranked on top.

Defeat with a lot of people to become the first to reach the finish line. Your mission is to surf and avoid colliding with several blocks and hitting the others. Once you fall, you will take some seconds to continue, so your opponents are going ahead. They will surf faster than you if you do not try to surf. In addition, you also create some surfing tricks to get more points. After ending the game, your score will appear on the leaderboard, and then you can check your rank. Try to get the highest rank on the leaderboard.

This game will help you to relax and express stress. Invite your friends, play together and check your scores. After finishing this game, you can also play Just Fall LOL to enjoy.

How to play

Use the space bar or the left mouse to jump.

Some tips to get more points in Flipsurf. IO

Hold the left mouse button

When the character passes you close to the high waves, you can hold the left mouse button, and your character will have great tricks. The longer you hold, the more bonus points you get. The number of points you get can be doubled.

Release the left mouse button

After you have created the surfing tricks, you need to be careful when releasing the left mouse because you will most likely cause your character to fall. So, keep in mind that you should only release the mouse when your character is upright and has no tricks. You will save time and avoid falling when applying these tips. Try to get more points and be the top rank.