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Flying Cars Era

Some information about Flying Cars Era

The gameplay

Flying Cars Era is an amusing racing game in which you have to control the car to race. Try to drive safely and complete all tasks in each mode.

An intense race track is waiting for you, which is similar to Smash Karts. You will control the car to explore many dangerous tracks in this game. You can practice your driving skills and improve other skills. Let's join the game to experience some new things.

Depending on the game mode, you have to complete some tasks or compete with another to become the winner. The game allows you to play with another one. Both of you can control the car on the same device. The screen will be divided into 2 parts. You can observe your car and your opponent's car. Pay attention to the game to avoid obstacles, bends, and turns. Can you become the champion? Let's join the game and remember to check out another driving game which is Car Drifting Pro Racing Cars on our website.

How to control

Player 1: WASD to move.

Player 2: The arrow keys to move.

Some exciting game modes in Flying Cars Era

The challenge mode

This mode allows you to participate in an extremely fierce race. There are countless obstacles lying in the way. In addition, you also have to overcome countless dangerous roads. They can send you off the track in no time. Try your best to reach the finish line.

The race mode

If you choose the single-player mode, you will be racing against other cars controlled by the computer. A large number of competitors can put pressure on you. But you will enjoy, and experience a truly dramatic race.

In contrast, you join the game with another one. Both of you will compete and determine the winner.

The free drive mode

You can explore the terrain freely in this game mode. You do not need to compete with anyone. You can drive the car on the paths you want.