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Flying Motorbike Driving Simulator

About Rocking Flying Motorbike Driving Simulator

The rules

Welcome to Flying Motorbike Driving Simulator, where you own a very special motorbike. The game requests you to drive it to explore new lands and get bonuses.

In this game, you will still control your motorbike to go through strange new lands. The game is designed realistically, creating the feeling of driving a real motorbike, but this bike is more unique than the motorbikes in other games. Your motorcycle will have extra wings. A natural pair of wings help it to fly, which makes it more convenient for you to conquer different terrains. You won't need to worry about having to cross the deep sea. In addition, when the car ascends, it is equipped with additional missiles to eliminate enemies. Those who always want to stand in your way will be destroyed immediately. Learn how to use it to throw bombs at enemies. What's more, your car will be refueled three times for each turn. You will have to start over if you can not complete the quest. Like Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race, the game is very suitable for those passionate about racing and flying. It is the perfect combination for you.

How to control

W- Accelerate

S- Backward

A- Steer Left

D- Steer Right

C- Change Camera

R- Reset

Space- Jump

L -Shift- Sprint / Nitro

M -Map

F- land

Q- Throw bombs

E- Throw bombs

Some tricks to save fuel in Motorbike Driving Simulator

Collect as much money as possible

Money is also one of the things that help you fuel up. However, its price is also costly, so you have to save more. Do not ignore any money you see on the road. They will bring you a lot of benefits. In addition, you can finish the task if you have enough gas.

Avoid going off the track

It is clear that when you go into the grass, your speed is reduced, and it will take you more gas and time to get back to the main road. In addition, if you hit a rock, you also damage the vehicle and make it consume energy. So dodge them in time to ensure that you have enough fuel to complete the goal.