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Freefall Tournament

Some facts about Freefall Tournament

The gameplay

Welcome to Freefall Tournament, where you can enjoy a thrilling shooting battle. You must eliminate as many opponents as possible and try to survive.

Have you ever participated in an endless battle in space? In a spaceship, you will transform into a fiery warrior to confront countless enemies. They are extremely dangerous and are equipped with many different types of weapons that are very modern and modern. They are also looking for ways to destroy you. So you have to get rid of them before they can do the same to you. It is a highly competitive game that is similar to Hex A Mong. You can join after completing all the missions.

You must use your weapons to destroy the enemy in this never-ending battle. Guns are always available, you can upgrade them to eliminate enemies easily. In addition, you also need to practice shooting skills and the ability to react quickly to avoid losing your life. The more enemies you eliminate, the more coins and gold coins you get.

How to control

Use the left mouse to shoot.

Q to crouch.

E to kick.

F to throw the bomb.

Some tips to beat all rivals

Some features of Freefall Tournament

The shop in the game

In the shop section, you can select a lot of fantastic heroes. However, their prices are very high. You must accumulate a large number of coins and money to buy them. They include Assassin, Blaster, Blazer, Bomber, Commando, Scout, etc. There are more than 20 types of heroes for you to choose from.

The heroes in the game

In the Heroes section in this game, you can upgrade your character. You can change weapons or boost them in targeting, defense, reflexes, footwork, thrust, and reactor. In addition, you also upgrade three skills to defeat your enemies quickly. Make the right choices to increase strength.