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Friday Night Funkin

Some things about Friday Night Funkin

The gameplay

Friday Night Funkin is an amusing music game. The game requests you to align the arrow keys correctly, not fail too many times, and try to beat your opponent.

If you are looking for a game that plays rhythmic dance to fun music with a style similar to the popular Audition game, the game will be a perfect choice. This game is an original version of FNF 2 Player. It has a graphic design that is not too colorful with a Hip-hop Graffiti style and extremely fiery background music. In addition, the game has many attractive game modes.

The game features a decently engaging plot. You take on the role of a blue-haired boy who wants to win his girlfriend's kiss in the night. However, her father forbade it and made the boy compete with him on the dance floor in order to fulfill his demand. The intriguing music rhythm competition so kicked off from there.

In this game, you must observe the arrows, and press the arrow key to complete the game. You can play the game easily when beginning. However, when the speed of the music is pushed up faster, you will definitely be in trouble. Therefore, you should regularly practice the skills of pressing keys according to the magic rhythm so that they are correct and do not fail too many times.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to play.

Some outstanding features of Friday Night Funkin

The graphics and sound

The sound of the game is meticulously cared for. You can feel them by playing the game, or you can listen to breathtaking songs as you cycle through the different game modes.

Like Fall Beans, the game has simple 2D design graphics and a set of witty little characters. They make a difference to the other games. Although the graphic design is relatively simple, it is equally attractive. Indeed, it has been a complete success and brings you new experiences.

The game modes

There are 2 game modes, including Story Mode and Free Play. You can choose freely. Story Mode will bring you interesting stories with great rhythm, and Free Play is a mode that you can play freely according to your preferences. In addition, you can also choose the challenge level from Easy, Normal, and Hard. You should choose a level that suits your ability to start.