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Frisbee Forever 2

Some exciting things about Frisbee Forever 2

Frisbee Forever 2 is an interesting game. Your goal is to take control of the disc's movement with the aim of passing through the circles and collecting stars.

If you want to play Frisbee but there is only you. Do not worry because you may now play this game at home with Frisbee Forever 2. To collect stars and fly through as many circles as you can, you will skillfully maneuver your disc. The disc will move at an increasing speed. This is the reason why you will feel like you are riding a roller coaster while playing this game. Enjoy the sensation of moving quickly while you take in rivers, gorgeous snow-capped peaks, and erupting volcanoes.

You earn more points the farther your disc travels. Make every effort to achieve the greatest grade. Additionally, you can utilize your points to increase the number of different discs in your collection. The game is reasonably straightforward but extremely difficult because it demands quick thinking and quick reflex from the player.

Features of the game

  • One player
  • Engrossing and compelling game
  • Incredibly appealing visuals
  • Throughout three brand-new worlds, there are over 75 creative and individually designed tracks

How to play

Use the computer mouse or arrow keys to navigate the direction of your disc.