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Funny Shooter 2

Some things about Funny Shooter 2

The gameplay

A fierce battle is happening in Funny Shooter 2 where you can unleash your sniper talent. Let's join the game and shoot all opponents to get gold coins.

This is an unequal battle. You will fight alone with countless enemies who are stickmen. They attack you and try to destroy you in a flash. To protect yourself, you need smart strategies to fight.

Firstly, you need to choose great guns to start the game. Next, aim for the target from a distance to ensure you can knock him down without getting hurt. You can use grenades to create an explosion that kills your opponent. Finally, get gold coins. Each time the opponent dies will leave gold coins, so you need to collect them to be able to upgrade your character.

Like Smash Karts, you will face a multitude of risks. Can you become the strongest character here? Join the game now to experience exciting things. Game sounds and graphics will make you mesmerized. You will be addicted to this game.

How to play

WASD to move.

Shift to run.

The mouse to look around.

The left mouse to shoot.

The right mouse to aim.

R to reload.

G to throw a grenade.

T to inspect the weapon.

E to remove the weapon.

Scroll wheel to next/ leading weapon.

1-7 weapon hotkeys.

Tab to pause.

Some excellent tricks to win in Funny Shooter 2

Upgrade your character weapon in the weapon shop

To win, you need to upgrade your gun to make it more powerful. You can upgrade the scope of the gun to be able to aim the opponent more easily. In addition, gun ammo and barrel locking handle can also be upgraded. You will shoot better thanks to them

In addition, there are a lot of guns for you to select from, such as assault rifles, flintlocks, Gatling guns, muskets, etc. You can purchase them to gun rivals down.

Boost your character

There are three types of upgrades you can choose from. Boost your health to continue the game after being injured. Buy the magnet to collect as many coins as possible. Finally, you can boost grenades to destroy a large number of opponents.