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Fury Bike Rider

Some interesting information about Fury Bike Rider

Some rules

Fury Bike Rider is an amusing simulator racing game. Your task is to control the motorbike to race and become the champion and get stars, diamonds, and money.

Many people are anticipating this popular excellent racing game because of the amazing experiences it brings. Like Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race, you must control your vehicle. In this game, you become a motorcyclist and control your car to participate in this fierce race. The fiery matches are the attraction of the game. You will be immersed in it by simple gameplay, beautiful graphics, and vivid sound. Are you ready for this race? Join the game now.

In addition, in each game mode, you will take part in many unique maps and different rules. You can join all to play and select the mode that is the most suitable for you. Invite your friends to participate in the game and compete to determine the winner.

How to control

Use WASD or the arrow keys to play.

Some game modes in Fury Bike Rider

The Racing mode

There are two maps that are available, including Sky City and Raly Road. After selecting the map, you will join the race with 5 others controlled by the computer. The game mode requests you to become one of three people who reach the finish line first. When you finish the task in each level, you can unlock the following level.

The Challenge mode

Up To Sea, and Deep Forest are two maps in this mode. You will participate in the race in the sea or in the forest. These tracks will be formed by small bridges. They will have many large gaps or obstacles. You have to complete the track without falling into the water. Hold down the accelerator key to help the motorcycle rush through large gaps.

The Free Driving mode

This mode allows you to choose from a variety of maps. You just need to drive to explore without having to compete with any participants. You also don't need to cross dangerous bridges to reach the finish line.