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G-Switch 3

The playing rules of G-Switch 3

Participate in G-Switch 3 which attracts many people and creates a novel playing space. You have to control your character to run as far as possible.

Join the game to help the robot run as far as possible. It can be said that this is a beautiful game. It has broken all the laws of gravity. Your robot can still move through any water pipe, horizontal, vertical, or hanging upside down. You must navigate the robot in the right direction to run on the water pipe without flying out or being entangled in any obstacles. Quickly navigate the character when you see danger approaching.

In addition, you will face many obstacles, such as cogwheels and holes in pipes. Try to avoid colliding with them. How far can you run? Will you break your record? Good luck. After completing all tasks in this game, you also can play Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race to entertain.

How to control

Use any keys to control.

Some game modes of G-Switch 3

There are two game modes. The first is Endless game mode. In this mode, you will play alone. You need to control your character running on the endless water pipe. Try to run as far as you can to score high. You will not need to worry about the character's speed, you just need to try your best to keep the character running on the water pipe without flying out.

The second one is Multiplayer game mode. You will compete against a lot of other people controlled by the computer. The number of players can be up to 8 people. You can adjust the number of participants in this mode. Below each character, there will be instructions for using keys to move and avoid obstacles. Or if you do not like that key, you can completely edit the key which you will use to control. Try to be the best runner and get top rank on the leaderboard with an impressive score.