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Goalkeeper Wiz

Some information about Goalkeeper Wiz

The rules

Goalkeeper Wiz offers dramatic football matches. You must keep a clean sheet by catching your opponent's ball and score after three consecutive saves.

Join the soccer match as a goalkeeper of the national team, so your mission is extremely important. You are allowed to choose any country in the world to participate in the match. You can choose Germany, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Korea, Qatar, Argentina, Portugal, etc.

Keeping a clean sheet is your first duty. You will use the mouse to move the gloves. You can create saves if you touch the ball. After each saves, you will receive a golden glove. Moreover, if you catch the ball by clicking the left mouse, the extra gloves will belong to you. Try your best to prevent your opposing team from succeeding.

The next duty is to score. The opposing team will have ten penalty kicks. You can score a hat trick, which means your team will score a goal for every three successful saves. At the end of the game, if your team has a higher score, you will become the champion. In contrast, you will be an underdog if your score is lower than your opposing team's. if you love the competition game, you also play Just Fall LOL.

How to control

Use the mouse to control the gloves.

Use the left mouse to catch the ball.

Some features of Goalkeeper Wiz

The golden gloves in the game

The golden gauntlet only appears when you successfully save the ghost. You will get many credits and get your reward. You will accumulate enough gold gloves to be able to score points.

The extra golden gloves in the game

If you catch the ball, you will get extra golden gloves. It will help you to double the number of points you currently have. Try to win as many credits as possible. If you can't win, you have a high number of credits in return. Many credits are also a worthy reward.