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Halloween Ghost Ball

Some information about Halloween Ghost Ball

The rules

Welcome to Halloween Ghost Ball to get relaxing hours. The game requests you to control the crowd of ghosts to reach the portal and collect many green flames.

This is a fun game related to Halloween. Have you ever controlled a mob of ghosts? In this game, you will be the leader. Your task is to navigate them in the right direction so that the ghosts can go through the different stone paths and reach the portal at the end of the maze. Everything seems simple, but it is not really. You can lose a large number of ghosts if you do not control them well. They can get stuck in stone steps or cracks. Try your best to help the crowd of ghosts to reach the exit. Maintain the ghost count until you reach the portal. You will lose if the number of ghosts is less than 30.

In addition, you do not miss collecting the green flames. They are distributed along the way. The ghosts have to go through to get them. The larger the number of ghosts, the easier it is to collect blue flames because they can collect green flames in both high and low positions. Like Fall Beans, this game is also available on many platforms for you to play.

How to play

Use the left mouse to control the ghosts.

Some tricks to overcome the level in Halloween Ghost Ball

To collect green flames

The number of remaining ghosts affects your collection of green flames. Maintain as many ghosts as possible to collect green flames in high places. This way, you can get more green flames as a bonus.

To avoid losing ghosts

When you see a step, you should speed up to gain momentum. According to inertia, the ghosts will pass without getting stuck. In addition, when falling into small gaps, you should try to let them roll into the same place to avoid being lost. Maintaining the number of ghosts is always a top priority if you want to pass the level.