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Halloween Wheelie Bike

Some fantastic things about Wheelie Bike

The rules

Ride on a motorbike with the character of the god of death in Halloween Wheelie Bike. You must balance the motorcycle on one wheel to go the longest distance.

Operating a motorbike in this game will give you some new abilities. You will be in charge of the motorcycle, so you must maintain and travel the farthest. However, you are unable to drive properly. You will help your character, the god of death, use one wheel to race. After the starting point, you must keep the mouse in your hand. Remember that you cannot ride with both wheels on the track if you do not want to lose. Running a vehicle with only one wheel will be more challenging than usual because you will be more dangerous. Therefore, you will need to maneuver your bike deftly through it. The two rules that will get you far are to avoid letting both wheels touch the pavement and to keep from falling.

You should also try to win this game by scoring as many points as possible. What is your limit? With the game, you may unwind for hours. Play this game to test your motorbike-controlling skills. In addition, Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race is another game you can play if you enjoy driving and controlling vehicles.

How to control

Use the left mouse to control

Some tricks to get many points in Wheelie Bike

Obtain the ideal equilibrium

When your bike can only go on one wheel, you need to balance it as better as you can. Although the game's challenging, you may control how long you hold down the left mouse button to prevent your motorbike from touching the ground with both wheels. Will you successfully fulfill the task?

Practice many times to get valuable lessons

You may fail or go a short distance in the first rounds, however, you will gradually learn a lot of experience through failures. The number of failures cannot tell how proficient you are. Good luck!