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Happy Superman

Some exciting things about Happy Superman

The gameplay

A fierce race between superheroes awaits you in Happy Superman. Assist your character in controlling the car to compete with others and collect gold coins.

Like Smash Karts, you will help your character compete with other superheroes on the track. You have to do your best to get to the top of the leaderboard. Control cars skillfully to overcome opponents. You can also eliminate opponents by crashing into them or using power-ups to attack them. They will roll over and fall backward. Keep moving forward to be able to become a winner.

In addition, on the track, there are a lot of gold coins, you need to collect them to be able to fight other cars and characters. You will have hours of real entertainment with this game.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to play.

Some tips to be ranked at the top

  • Switch to the lane containing the yellow arrow. These arrows will help you accelerate quickly. As a result, you can outmaneuver your countless opponents.
  • Go through mysterious gift boxes. You will have a few more power-ups or a large number of gold coins. You will reach your destination safer thanks to them.
  • Attack opponents to remove them from the race track.

Some excellent features of Happy Superman

Many eye-catching supermen and powerful cars

There are many different superhero characters for you to choose from. Each superhero will own a supercar. They have unparalleled strength and great abilities. You have to use gold coins to be able to buy them. So collect as many gold coins as possible.

Two game modes

The two game modes available are narrative and challenge. You must complete several races and tasks in the Story mode. These will become harder and harder. Make every effort to do these duties successfully.

In contrast, you must compete with the clock in the Challenge mode. Finish races in the allotted time. You should be aware that there are a ton of amazing characters available. Each character has a unique vehicle and set of skills. They're all wonderful!