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Happy Wheels

Some information about Happy Wheels

The rules

Happy Wheels offers a new race track with a variety of terrain. Help your character to overcome obstacles and advance to the following levels.

In this game, thrilling racing is waiting for you to investigate. Choose the challenging terrain where you will first play. You can choose from nine different types of terrain to take part in. Pick your preferred character next. Each character will be matched with a particular sort of vehicle. They can move by scooters, bikes, or wheelchairs. Use the keys to control your character and pass over the number of obstacles. You should be careful since painful falls, jagged road spikes, or perilous turns can all result in fatalities. So, let's avoid all of them to protect your character.

You also collect any power-ups that you come across along the road. They will help you overcome challenges or successfully reach the finish line. It would be best to collect weapons such as dynamite, bombs, and guns as power-ups. To advance the level, use them reasonably.

How to control

Use WASD to play.

Some difficulties and tips to be a winner in Happy Wheels

There are many difficult levels for you to try

  • Level Happy Green Hills: You'll participate in the race on the enormous prairie. The panorama of lush pastures and undulating hills will surround you. It will take time to get over the high peaks and sloping mountain ranges, though.
  • Speed Bridge level: The bridges are constructed at risky altitudes, and you can fall anytime. Additionally, it will take a lot of work to navigate your character and overcome the unending curves.
  • Run Human level: The scene was covered by night. In the enormous car, there are many people, and your aim is to securely transport as many participants as possible to the finish line.

Some tips can help you to win

Go slowly when completing a new level's first or second rounds. Then you should carefully approach the barriers. You will perish in a circumstance covered in blood if you approach a hurdle too rapidly before you even realize what it is or how it will affect you.

You can play at any level without meeting any requirements. But let's start at the most basic level. Let's start with the first level to get used to the game and gain more experience as the difficulty of the levels rise.