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Head2Head Racing

Some things about Head2Head Racing

Some rules

Head2Head Racing offers intense racing among cars. You must navigate your supercar to run as far as possible, avoid crashing others and get high points.

Driving the super sports car is your mission in this game. You will drive that car on the street to become the most prominent. The game gives you hours of entertainment. The simple, easy-to-understand gameplay makes the game popular with many people. Join the game and try to score impressive scores. Try to go as far as possible. The further you go, the more points you get. Meet the request to receive a reward. Good luck!

Like Smash Karts, the driving game certainly will not let you down. It is designed to be quite realistic. The controls are almost identical to a real car. You can practice your driving skills through this game.

How to control

WASD or arrow keys to move

F: nitro (after possession)

C: camera

H: horn

L: lamp

I: engine on/of

Some remarkable features of Head2Head Racing

The game modes

  • Head2Head mode: You will race against another online player in this mode. Both will run on the street together. The fierce competition will immerse you in the game. Do your best to be the champion. Before starting this game mode, you will be sorted into a room and wait for your opponent.
  • Career mode: This game mode allows you to control the car on the road where it is very crowded. You have to control the car skillfully so as not to crash into other cars. When you crash into another car then, your mission will be over. You will not meet the requirements until you have scored enough points.

The upgrades

There are lots of cars for you. Use the coins you have to purchase them. Each one has many characteristics, such as speed, handle, and brake. Let's choose a suitable car to conquer the track. In addition, when you love a car and do not change it. You also boost it to make it become more powerful. Some things that you can change are the paint color, the wheel, and the engine. They will help you to drive fast and get more gold coins.