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Hexa Cars

Some fascinating information about Hexa Cars

The rules

Hexa Cars is an exhilarating driving game with many obstacles on the race track. Navigate your car to avoid falling tiles and become the last fall down.

If you are keen on this type of multiplayer game, do not miss the game which is similar to Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race. The third-person perspective game gives you an overview of the game, so you will be immersed in this fascinating survival game. Your task is to control your car to stay on the playing field as long as possible. There are a lot of platforms with many different floors. On each floor, there will be a lot of falling bricks. Each time you or your opponent touches them, they fall down and create a big hole. Drive into safe places and stay away from holes. The longer you stay, the better your chances of winning. Furthermore, you also dodge the opponents’ cars, or you will be pushed down from the floor.
In addition, after completing your mission, you will get many gold coins. Collect as many coins as you can to purchase some beautiful cars. The new cars with outstanding features will help you to become the champion easily. Take part in the game to enjoy.

This game was developed by RHM Interactive who also created Challenge The Runners.

How to play

Player 1:

WASD to move

Q to jump

Player 2:

Arrow keys to move

Space bar to jump

Some amusing game modes Hexa Cars

1P game mode

You will compete with many random rivals around the world. In this mode, you will face with many holes that are created by others, which means you will crash more quickly. Besides, you also experience thrilling feelings when fighting again with many opponents. Show your skills to finish the game. Good luck.

2P game mode

Join this mode with other people. You will play with your friend or your family member. Both of you will control the car on the same device. Try to get more scores and obtain victory. Especially, the screen will be divided into two parts, which allow you to follow easily.