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Hill Climb Racing 2

Some interesting things about Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a racing game in which you drive off-road cars in order to overcome dangerous hills. Drive your car carefully as far as possible.

When starting the game, you will own a great off-road car to start your racing. You must overcome the rolling hills in this game. Sometimes you have to go uphill, sometimes you have to go downhill, and there are stones in the road that make your car easily tip over. Remember to remain alert and focused on the game to drive as far as you can. There are many coins along the way, so collect them for later use. Furthermore, when you begin Hill Climb Racing 2, you will be equipped with a gas can, which will quickly run out of gas, so conserve your energy and find a gas station to continue the journey. In this game, you will be able to select a car model to race against other players from a range of choices. However, in order to unlock the maps and own these cars, you must purchase them with the coins you earn after each game.

How to control

Use the WASD or arrow keys to drive.