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Hot Dog Bush

Some interesting facts about Hot Dog Bush

The rules

Hot Dog Bush offers an entertaining cook game with exciting gameplay. You must create many hot dogs to serve your customers and get as much money as possible.

The former American president George Dubya Bush will materialize from within you. He got a new profession selling hot dogs when his stint as president in the White House was over. You will start by working in a modest shop selling hot dogs. Serve customers based on their needs. Hot dogs must not be overcooked to be sold; otherwise, they must be thrown away. Additionally, avoid making your customers wait for too long since if you do, they will become irate, and you will not get tips from them. In order to make as much money as possible, try to service clients. When you earn the necessary money in a day, you can pass the level and move on to a new day. This money also aids in your business expansion. You'll be able to sell more meals and perhaps draw in more clients. You will be a big boss and a pioneer in the fast-food industry, won't you? Good luck!

How to control

Use the left mouse to play.

Some game modes in Hot Dog Bush

The Career game mode

In this game mode, your task is to help George Bubya Bush settle into his new job. You must complete the task of each day and earn enough required money to be able to move to the new day. In addition, you can also change the sales address if you meet all the requirements. Opening new branches around New York will make your work easier.

The Speed game mode

How fast can you make a hot dog? You must complete the food to serve the customers as fast as possible because there are a lot of customers. The longer you serve, the less money you get. This mode requires you to be fast to get the job done. And if you want to practice your hand's speed, you also play Fall Guys Knockout.