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Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

Some exciting things about Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

The gameplay

Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night offers an exciting fish hunt in the ocean. You have to control your fish to consume other fish and avoid being eaten.

To play the game, you will control the dangerous shark. Like Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race, you will defeat many others in this game. Firstly, you will have hegemony if you consume all the other enormous fish in the vast ocean. Keep in mind that only fish that are smaller or the same size as you can be killed. Next, you must consume small fish to become more prominent. The more fish you can kill, the more size your fish get. You can destroy another shark by attacking it when you are big enough. In addition, if you want to jump out and devour people or other aquatic animals, you can also race toward the surface. Furthermore, avoid facing bigger fish in order not to become their victim. Surf fast to hide among the coral reefs. On the vast blue ocean, eating all fish to become an enormous shark. The more fish you kill, the more bonuses you can also get. You may use that money to purchase different kinds of fish. They are striking in appearance and differ in terms of combat ability. They have different dash ranges, dash rates, and speeds. Make as much money as you can so that you can pick any fish you want.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.

The strategies to win in Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

Eating smaller fish

To size up, you have to eat a lot of small fish and some marine animals. Your shark will size up gradually. Next, you need to focus on the fish that has the same size and attack them. You can attack any fish you see when you get the largest size. Try your best.

Buying powerful fish

To consume more fish, you can purchase other fish that has many unique features to play with. There are three types of fish, such as Brawler fish, Hunter fish, and Charger fish. Use them to make the game easier.