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Idle Miner Space Rush

Some information about Idle Miner Space Rush

The rules

Idle Miner Space Rush offers exciting exploitation on the moon with many miners. Your mission is to dig and mine many moonstones to be ranked at the top.

Welcome to the moon where you will work here to get a lot of gold coins and get high rankings on the leaderboard. Starting from the base, you and countless other miners will start to mine deeper. You have to dig deep to get the moonstone. Moonstone is the reward that you get after your efforts. The deeper you dig, the more moonstones you get. You have to dig faster than others to get large and valuable moonstones. They will help you increase points and gold coins.

In addition, the fierce competition with countless competitors from all over the world makes it impossible for you to delay. If you do not work hard, others will beat you. Furthermore, you can play LOLBeans to continue entertaining.

How to control

Use WASD or arrow keys to play.

Some challenges in Idle Miner Space Rush

Some challenges you must face

It is a fact that you are limited to many things. First, you do not have much time to collect moonstones. You only have a few minutes to get your work done. Time puts a lot of pressure on you. It forces you to work at full capacity.

What's more, the bag that is used to store moonstones is also limited. You will not be able to store any more moonstones if it is full, which forces you to return to base. It is one of the reasons why you waste your time.

Some tips to overcome the challenges

There are many remote bases hidden underground that can store your moonstones. You should dig deeper to discover. In addition, when you come back to the base, you can upgrade the shovel to let you dig faster, and the pickaxe allows for faster mining. You also try to dig deeper to collect many large moonstones.