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Interstellar Run

Discover the fantastic world in Interstellar Run

Interstellar Run offers an attractive race track with an astronaut. You must control him to run as far as possible and avoid obstacles on the track.

The third-person perspective game

In this game, you can easily observe your character's movement and the obstacles in the tunnel. You will know where the gaps are and dodge them in time. It can be said that the game gives you extremely unique images and exciting experiences. If you also want to participate in other third-person perspective games, you can choose Fall Boys And Girls Running Multiplayer.

The unique race track

This track is similar to a sealed tunnel. It continuously varies in both shape and color. For instance, the shape of the track changes to a square when it gets purple, a hexagon when it turns red, and a pentagon when it turns blue. In general, traps change quickly, making it difficult for you to observe them. You will have to adjust your course to avoid the big holes due to the tunnel's shifting color and shape. Additionally, there are a lot of faded-colored tiles on the road which are frequently unstable and liable to collapse at any time.

Play and escape from the tunnel

This game has easy gameplay where you just need to control your character as they sprint through the tunnel. You earn more points when running farther. You will come across innumerable holes that are both wide and dense in the tunnel. You must move fast to the right or left to avoid them. Alternatively, you can leap over them to prevent tripping. You lose if you go down the gaps and fall into space. Square, circular, pentagon, and hexagon shapes are only a few of the various shapes the tunnel can take. According to the geometry of the tunnel, the color also changes. You have the advantage of being able to run on any tunnel surface. You might rely on that supremacy to steer clear of the line's massive, widely spaced holes. The laser is another factor that contributed to your demise, in addition to the wide gaps.