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Some exciting information about iScribble.IO


iScribble.IO is a fantastic game with a color line. You will entertain while drawing the amazing line and defeat others to be the last on the playing field.

On the playing field, you can control your square to draw a great line. Besides, you also can see many others are drawing same you. Like LOLBeans, you must make them out of this game. To clean them, you have to create some traps that will make them hit your line, then they will disappear. It is said that the game has simple gameplay, so it is suitable for all people. You can invite some friends to join the game and enjoy. The game will help you to express stress and develop your drawing skill.

Furthermore, you may let go of vigilance because of the easy gameplay, but your competitors are not. They will also trap you and make you lose. You need to pay attention to the game to win highly.

How to play

Use the mouse to move.

Some tips to win in iScribble.IO

Take advantage of the mini-map

In the bottom left corner of the screen, you will see a small map. Focus on the map to know your rivals’ position. You may avoid hitting them easily. In addition, you can know how many opponents you must defeat. Try your best and get more scores.

Create the trap

Firstly, you have to go as far as you can to draw the longest lines and take up the most space on the playing field. Next, follow others to make them crash into you. You also need to be very careful, or you will lose your life by your own trap. Pay attention to your opponents because they can speed up, so you can not turn in time.