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Keeper Of The Grove

Some things about Keeper Of The Grove

The rules

Participate in Keeper Of The Grove to build strong defenses with many plants and items. In this game, you must protect your gems by destroying your rivals.

You have to prevent opponents from taking your gems in this game. There is no true story or indication of one. You are merely creating your eerie little defenses to fend off various strange little creatures.

You can build defenses with some things, such as the tiny flower towers. They are now much more evenly distributed in terms of cost and power. Additionally, the stone towers are the most expensive and powerful. Each tower has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Many foes are usually moving too quickly to be struck by the stone towers, but the water towers can slow those enemies down enough that the strong stone towers can destroy them, which causes enemies to group together so that the splash damage of the stone towers has the most impact.

What's more, the most significant change is the spell system, where you periodically receive spells as a bonus when foes die rather than spending money for purchasing spells. As a result, you have less control over the spells, but they also don't ruin your economy. After finishing all tasks, you can enter Hex A Mong to play.

How to control

Use the left mouse to play.

Some excellent traits of Keeper Of The Grove

The skills

In this section, you will upgrade your defenders. You will boost the flower attack's damage, the aqua attack's range, and stone defenders. When you upgrade them completely, you can easily defeat difficult opponents and protect your gems. Remember that you upgrade them by using your crystals.

The awards

You can own many valuable rewards when completing the task. You can use them as a spell. They can help you prevent the opponents from your gems. Each reward will have great functions, so your defense will become stronger than ever.