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Knives Crash IO

About Knives Crash IO


Knives Crash IO is a thrilling survival io game. Let's control your character to collect as many knives as possible, crush your rivals, and size up.

In the playing arena, you will defeat a lot of opponents, which is similar to Smash Karts. You will control your character go around the playing field, and accumulate a large number of knives. Start the game with two knives, and you must collect all of the knives you see on the screen. In addition, you can also attack your rivals, but you should beat the opponents who have fewer knives than you because if you fight those whose knives are more than you, you will be lost your knives, and then when you do not have any knives, you will be eliminated from the game.

Furthermore, the more knives you have, the more chances you become the winner. The rank is determined by the number of enemies you kill and your coins. When you have the top rank, you will be suggested some new powerful knives to use. Try to explore more knives.

How to play

Use the mouse to move.

Some tips to win in Knives Crash IO

Avoid the blocks

In the arena, there are many blocks that you must avoid colliding them. When you hit them, your knives will decrease. However, you will not diminish your knives if you reach the wall. So you must distinguish between the wall and blocks to avoid. Do not let your knife count be reduced if you do not want to lose. Try your best.

Collide with your rivals when having many knives

Start the game by collecting knives, and then you will be sized up. You can see your size based on the number in the avatar. When your number of knives is more than your rivals, you can hit them. Their knives will fall off, so let's collect all of them to develop.