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Kogama Squid Game

The gameplay of Kogama Squid Game

Kogama Squid Game offers you an opportunity to join different deadly challenges with many players. Try your best to win all challenges and earn many coins.

Like Just Fall LOL, this game also has many challenges. Moreover, it is inspired by the famous movie called Squid Game. Therefore, all challenges in this game are similar to those in this movie. Your ultimate goal is to win all challenges and collect enough 30 stars. Here is the list of challenges in the game and their playing rules.

  • Green Light - Red Light: In this challenge, you have to control your character to run as fast as possible to the finish line before the time is over. You should watch out for the robot doll standing behind the finish line. Whenever she looks at the tree, the green light is turned on and you are allowed to move. Contrarily, if her head turns around, you must stop. If you move, you will be killed immediately.
  • Tug Of War: In this challenge, you will play as a team. All you have to do is to pull on the rope as hard as possible. Keep in mind that if your team is pulled off the platform, you will lose. Therefore, try your best!
  • The Glass Tile: This challenge requires you to pass through many glass tiles to reach the other side. Keep in mind that there are some crumbling glass tiles. They will start to break as soon as you step on them. You should try to guess and decide which one is the steady glass tiles. Do your best to reach the other side safely.

You will be rewarded with many experience points and yellow cubes after you get victory. Try to accumulate as many experience points as possible to level up. Besides, you can use the yellow cubes you earn to purchase the hats, accessories, and particles in the shop.

How to control

Press WASD Keys to move

Press a Spacebar to jump

Press the left mouse button to shoot

Press a V key to drop your equipped weapon

Press an E key to use nearby objects

Press a Q key to holster equipped weapon

Press an Enter key to show the chatbox

Press an I key to open an inventory

Press 1-2-3 keys to edit, delete and paint cubes