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Laser Cannon

Some information about Laser Cannon

The rules

Laser Cannon is an intensive shooting game where you can check your skills when controlling the cannon. You must destroy all monsters with the least ammo.

This is a new playground where you will navigate the cannon fixed on the wall in the left corner. It can move 360 ​​degrees. However, you will definitely encounter a lot of difficulties when using them because in the playground there are countless obstacles that you cannot break. They make it impossible for you to hit monsters. Solid platforms or wooden boards are like shields of monsters. They hide behind these obstacles, which is difficult for you to attack them. You can destroy the board but the platforms won't let you do that.

However, you can also use other items to make monsters disappear. Although you cannot shoot through the sharp bar, you can shoot the sharp bar and have it bounce on the monster. Also, there are a lot of bomb crates. It will explode when you hit it. As a result, you can kill monsters easily.

How to control

Use WASD or arrow keys to play.

Some traits of Laser Cannon

Many challenging levels

You can move to the following level once you have eliminated all the creatures without using up all of your ammunition. The levels will become increasingly challenging. Your sniping will be more difficult because the monsters will be well-defended. If you cannot obtain any stars, you can play that level repeatedly to acquire more stars.

The monster characters in the game

Like Fall Boys And Girls Running Multiplayer, the game's graphics are captivating. Each character has been carefully created. The monster characters appear to be vibrant and animated. Playing the game keeps you entertained the entire time. Your interest will be piqued by these monsters. Join the game now to experience it. You can also invite your friends to play the game and compete fairly.