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Little Alchemy

Some interesting things about Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is an interesting creative game in which you will create new elements based on a limited set of elements and your world knowledge.

Rules of the game

As I said earlier, your objective in this game is to create new elements from four elements including Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Let's use your logic and basic knowledge about the world in order to create as many elements as you can. You should put two elements together and a new element will appear. For example, when you put water and earth, the product you have is mud. After that, you completely can use mud and other elements to produce others. In addition, you also can combine two same elements to create a new one. This is also an interesting feature of this game. Let's try and explore. Besides this game, there are some interesting games you also like such as Bubble Shooter, Elastic Man, and Stumble Guys Online.