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Lucky Fisherman

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Follow the rule of this game

Lucky Fisherman is an entertaining arcade game. You will transform into a fisherman and catch as many fishes as possible to earn the required money.

There are many different kinds of fish in the river, you must help your fisherman character capture them. The size of the fish will determine how much bonus you receive. You make more money when you catch bigger fish. You must also succeed in your aims, the goals for each level will be distinct. In the following levels, you have to earn more money than in the previous levels. Therefore, you must earn the greatest money possible in the allotted time. Remember that you do not have much time to complete your objectives. Your job must be completed in only one minute. Choose huge fish as a result to complete the request.

Buy some items in the shop

Let's purchase a lot of fascinating stuff from the shop. They will assist you in achieving your mission in the next levels. The first item you can buy is Lucky Horseshoe for 4 dollars. It helps you to increase the likelihood of winning valuable items. Next, selecting Energy Drinks will make your character stronger and more powerful. You can increase the value of fish and chests which you catch at the following level by using Golden Spawn. Finally, use Lake Grass to raise the value of in-game fish. To be able to get extra bonuses, purchase all of them. Furthermore, you can join Just Fall LOL to relax after finishing this game.

Use tactics to catch more fish

You should fish the larger fish at the start of the game to fulfill the requirements. Because they are so hefty, huge fish are frequently difficult to capture and require a lot of time. You should therefore catch them when you get the opportunity.

On the other hand, when the time is almost up, you should decide to target the smaller fish. It is a fantastic idea to capture small fish when you do not have much time because they will not take long to catch.

You can also buy some items in the shop to be able to catch more fish but you also have to buy limited, because the money you use to buy this is taken directly from your fishing money. And this amount is also accumulated through many levels, if you buy too many items, you may not reach the goal.