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Madalin Stunt Cars

Some things about Madalin Stunt Cars

The gameplay

Madalin Stunt Cars gives you an exciting driving experience and top-notch exploration. Drive freely, conquer unusual roads and control the car at high speed.

Have you ever test-driven a supercar? Has your speed reached its peak yet? Join the game now to have a super-class car driving experience. The rules of the game do not force you to compete or fight. You need to drive your eye-catching super sports car to conquer new roads. You also can try your hand at conquering some barriers on the track. Let's accelerate to overcome them. It is said that the game gives you some experience with the vast and majestic playground. Therefore, join the game and explore this place. After playing the game, you will get many valuable things in return.

The game was developed to give you the most authentic experience when driving a car. Even if you have never ridden it in real life, you can still easily control it and direct it to maximum speed. If you want to participate in other driving car games, you can choose Fall Cars Ultimate Knockout Race to play. Have fun.

How to control

WASD: move

SHIFT: Nitrous


R: Trigger respawn

C: Change the camera view

T: Show your position and other players' positions on the map.

Some nice traits of Madalin Stunt Cars

Two types of modes

In this game, you can select one of the modes to play.

  • Single-player: With this mode, you play the game alone. You can explore the map freely and needn't compare your scores with anyone. In addition, you can drive fast without worrying about crashing into any car.
  • Multiplayer: You can create your private room and invite your friends to join by sharing the link. You can also join any public room to join the game. You will probably make many new friends after playing the game because it allows you to chat with each other.

Three kinds of maps

  • Map 1: The first map allows you to control the car in the town. There is a net around it to ensure you don't hit people.
  • Map 2: You will control the car on the farm in this map. Discover new things here.
  • Map 3: Finally, this is the most challenging map. You will be driving in the desert, where there are quicksand and sandstorms.